The Top Principles that Aspiring Salesmen Should Apply

Some people may think that salesmanship is just about selling a product and getting paid for it. This view is just a basic scratch in the surface – a weak attempt to contain the wholeness of sales into a simple process. Successful salesmen, however, will tell you that a sales job is fulfilling in many aspects of life—yet there are many principles and values that you should embody. By working on such values and letting them run in your veins, you will have the chance to become a successful salesman.


There should be no cutting corners when it comes to integrity. If you don’t practice your craft with integrity, then you wouldn’t stay for too long in the business. You should be honest about your transactions and details – the clients will even know if you’re lying or not. Everyone has an ‘inner meter’ that can forewarn if someone is lying or not. The world needs better, honest salesmen—be one of them.


Respect is another important part of the sales trade. At all times, whether you’re feeling ill or not, you should respect your client. That means arriving on the meeting place ahead of time and not being late at all. On top of that, you shouldn’t hound your client with deceptive sales tactics. If clients feel that you respect them, they will respect you back and closing deals will become a lot easier. Never trade anything for respect.


To be decisive is to take action in life. In the world of sales, everything is moving fast – deals rotate like clockwork; team meetings appear on the fly, dozens of clients to appease weekly, and many more. A firm touch of decisiveness can take you far because you approach issues head-on. Whenever something bothers you, you go into the fray to offer solutions. Therefore, be decisive and all other aspects of your trade will fall in place nicely.

If you take these principles seriously, your sales venture will become more exciting, interesting, and successful than ever. Just be prepared of change and always apply the best strategies that can boost your new career.

Things to Remember Before Making a Deal

To ensure the growth of your business, you need to make deals with other people and organizations. Whether you’re negotiating for a business loan or discount on services, there are many factors that you should always keep in mind. Remember that a business can work for you or against you—so you have to play your cards right.

Before pushing through that deal that you’re eyeing for, here are some important things to remember:

Your Business Goals 

By focusing on your business goals, you won’t be distracted by other factors unrelated to the deal. Your business goals should hinge on your business strategies and time table—they must be realistic as well. It’s also important to review your business goals before planning any deal.

Emotion Check

Are you getting too excited over a deal? Does that discount or cheap expansion project fill your mind all day long? If yes, then you may need to have an emotion check. Too much excitement can cloud your perspective, causing you to make wrong judgment calls. As a business owner, you shouldn’t anchor yourself to any emotion. This has been proven over and over again. Rather than being emotional, you need to keep a calm and collected mind.

The Other Side

In every business deal, the other side is your opponent. You shouldn’t resort to throwing sticks and stones, but you must refine your negotiation skill. Learn more about the other side, or your opponent in the deal. What are they trying to propose? How do you think will they counter your proposition? Are the negotiators on the other side emotional? Note down your questions so you can formulate a proper deal strategy.

The Deal Itself

Above all aspects, you should think about the deal itself. Is it timely and worth the resources needed? What will be the repercussions if you sign the agreement on that deal? Does the benefit outweigh any possible disadvantage? Again, the technique of questioning can help you understand the scopes of the deal. Take your time and sort out all of the possible facts.

A business deal is considered a modern-day battle between two opposing forces. Use your tools wisely and win over any deal!

The Top Social Media Trends Useful for Your Business

Social media is one of the most important platforms in the Web. It is a large global community – a macrocosm of people and ideas – where everyone can gather and share almost everything. Businesses even have different social media marketing strategies that are developed every now and then. It’s undeniable now that social media is a very important part of any start-up business. Are you planning to start your own business now? In that case, it will be helpful to check out the top social media trends for this year.

Advocacies and Humanism Efforts

Every day, millions of things and events are occurring in the social media. Facebook alone has millions of pages dedicated for a certain cause or issue. Advocacy are also important parts of social media and they are being tapped by strategic business owners. If your business is connected to an advocacy or helpful cause, there’s a big tendency that people will start visiting your page. You should consider this as one of your strategies. Determine which issue is the hottest right now, and share your business solutions.

The Rise of Greater Interaction

Today, clients love to interact with almost anything in social media—your business included. This is a positive thing since you can always maintain a firm communication bridge between your business and the clients. You just need to make your page or ‘business area’ highly interactive. Make sure that you respond to clients’ questions and comments as early as possible. Other businesses have included small games and applications in their pages, thus increasing visibility.

Creative Video Marketing

For many years, videos have been extensive parts of digital marketing. Through these videos, marketers maintain frequent connection with hundreds of clients. Now, clients just don’t pick any videos they want and watch it for more than ten minutes. In just one or two minutes, you should be able to deliver your message. This process is now attainable because you can make short videos with different apps that you can download. Your smart phone is essential now more than ever.

By using all of these trends in a proper strategy, you can now have a better chance penetrating the market. Be prepared, though—the battle will be tough.

Top Business Habits that Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Habit is considered one of the strongest forces in the universe. If a man’s habit is poorly trained, then he will become a total failure. On the opposite side, if a man’s habit is properly refined, then he can achieve greatness. Perhaps such truth can be emulated effectively in the business world. Do you have a fine idea that can be transformed in a business? Before you go to that part, you need to learn the top business habits that every entrepreneur should aim for.

Desire to Innovate 

business loan singaporeInnovation is one of the key things to business survival. If you want your business to grow beyond epic proportions, you should be keen to innovate. Don’t be content with a specific piece of technology—scrutinize it! Create strategies on how you can improve your business within a realistic time table. Many companies that remained with one or two old strategies didn’t reach far in the business battlefield. Innovation should be your top game.

Efficiency and Effectiveness 

Ask many people about the definition of efficiency and they will have different, fragmented answers. The same thing can be said about the real meaning of effectiveness. What are these concepts, really? Efficiency is all about achieving your business goals by using and maximizing the resources available to you. If you fine-tune a machine so that it performs well, then it will become more efficient in its operation. Effectiveness, on the other hand, is about the real impact of your business goal. Also, it can determine the working synergy of all your business processes.

payday loan SingaporeCourage beyond Limitations

Businesses are not meant for cowards or half-hearted fools. To build a business, you must be firm in all of your actions. On top of that, you should know what you want. Creating a large plan can be scary and there are times when you’ll be accosted by your doubts and fears. Therefore, you need to develop courage beyond your limitations. This kind of courage can be learned and refined. It grows with your experience, and it is one of the tools that can push you forward in these challenging times.

You cannot learn all of these habits overnight. You have to train and always keep in mind that every business is an adventure.

Timely Tips on How to Save Money

Everyone has money problems from time to time. It could stem from emergency situations, financial miscalculation, or even an unforeseen event. As people’s spending habits continue to change, the niche of ‘saving money’ is also becoming more popular. If you want to save money now, it’s important to know that there are new strategies that you can apply. Penny-pinching will only work as a surface solution, and not for the long-term.

Expense Assessment 

personal loanIf you’ve tried penny-pinching in the past and you’re still having financial mishaps, then something is probably wrong with your money management tactic. Expense assessment is a real solution and a process that lets you adjust your budget. In this process, you get to see where you are spending too much on. Is such expense necessary or you can cut it down? How much can you save if you cut on that expense? You may need to do expense assessment every month to prepare for any adjustment.

Forecasting is the ability to see beyond the present and predict any event that may occur. This is not a mystical skill, but rather a pattern-dependent capability. By forecasting, you can take account of your financial habits and future obligations. This is even useful if you have several loans from money lender Singapore to pay. Forecasting is not 100% accurate but can help you save money in the long run.

The 10% Formula 

foreigner loan in singaporeThe 10% formula has been used by thousands of people worldwide, but only few can really get the hang of it. The habit goes like this: you need to put away 10% of your total income per month. Put it in a separate bank account that you cannot easily access. Over time, as your income multiplies, you can increase the percentage of money being saved. Do this for a year and you’ll have a lump sum that you can use for many things.

Compounding is the real key to saving; if your expenses are growing, then your efforts to save should match that growth. It can also help if you also increase your sources of income. Remember, saving is a mix of persistence, dedication, willpower, and the discipline.